Printable Postcards 514PC

Blank Printable Postcards 514PC

For the best printable postcards on sheets!

Possible uses for these postcards are:

Real Estate Mailings

New Listing Announcements

Moving / Relocating Announcements

Save the Date Announcements

Retail Sale Announcements

Party Invitations

Wedding Invitations

Engagement Announcements


Business Ads

Meetings and Special Events Notices

Mass Mailings

Warranty Cards

Registration Cards

Index Cards

These blank printable postcards are manufactured using top quality heavyweight 125lb smooth bright white postcard stock.  Why send a flimsy card to your customers or prospects?  These postcards have a thick, sturdy professional feel to them, and will hold up in the mail system which can be hard on lighter weight postcards. They will work well in either laser printers or inkjet printers.  Our blank printable postcards are perforated with micro "Clean Edge" perforations, so the edges feel smooth and clean. Create your own postcards...

They are available in packs of 50 sheets, 100 sheets, and 250 sheets.

125lb Matte White Printable Postcards

Printable Postcards 514PC

The postcards are perforated into an 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet, and when detached the postcard measure 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 inches. There are 4 postcards per sheet, just bending back and forth a couple of times will cause them to detach from each other.  They are formatted to meet U.S. Postal regulations. Made in USA.

Postcard postage for this size postcard is currently one .33 stamp

Printable Postcards 514C

Postcards on sheets printable

Print postcards 514PC

PDF template for Printable Postcards
PDF Template Landscape for Printable Postcards
Illustrator Template for Printable Postcards
PSD Photoshop Template for Printable Postcards

Open Office Draw

Open Office Draw Template for 514PC Printable Postcards

Word Template for 514PC Printable Postcards

Open Office Draw is a vector based graphics software program, similar to Adobe Illustrator, that can be used to create your postcards.  It uses layers that can be set to print or not print, and can be locked as well, so the template lines do not move when you move graphics or photos around. 

Print only the amount of postcards you need. These printable postcards let you create your own cards - "do it yourself" from your desktop, and will give you the ability to make changes and print new ones at a moments notice.

Print postcards on sheets 514PC Blank postcards on sheets 514PC Printable postcards 514PC


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